FESTIVAL - Ralston Bowles

We made a trip downtown Saturday to see one of our favorite local musicians. We have been followers of Ralston Bowles for years and he was doing a quick gig at Festival on the Calder stage. He did four or five songs and I happened to record one of my favorites, although I have many.  The performance was excellent but it sure seemed to go by fast. Link at left if you want to watch.

Ron & Tims Most Excellent Adventures

As some of you know, I like to get out in the woods occasionally. My good friend Tim and I try to get out hiking every spring and fall. We just finished our spring trip. It was one of the most beautiful and toughest hikes yet. We did about 8 miles on the North Country Trail the first day, and finished up another 8 miles on the Manistee River Trail the second and third day. The river trail was tough for us as it was a lot of up to the top and down to the bottom, this after we were sore from the first day. We like to think of ourselves as tough, experienced, real men hikers. The reality is debatable of course…case in point…we were trying to figure out how to safely approach a very technical, very dangerous downhill section of the trail. It was steep, muddy, and full of tree roots, a real trip hazard. We came up with two different approaches, one forward facing, one backward facing. Tim did the backward, I the forward facing. They both worked, they each took about 5 minutes. As I was in the middle of my extreme decent a group of twenty-something hikers with packs, about 8 of them, came to the top of the decent. They made a quick observation of the ole man in the middle, and made the quick decision to just blow past that pokey dude, and down they came. They did not plan anything, they just ran. Ran thru the mud, thru the wet leaves, over multiple gaping tree roots, in all different directions, yelling, jumping, screaming, and laughing, and then…they were gone. It took about 20 seconds and they just vanished. Well…I still say we are real men, because we think a situation over…like the real professionals we are. Yea, Real Men.
If you want to check out a summary of the trip, pick on the video link at left.


Somthing new...Chari's Blog

Hello friends,
As many of you know, Chari has embarked on a new journey in her life. It is a sort of surreal time for both of us. So much information to pour over, so many decisions, so many options and opinions. We so very much appreciate the concern all of you have shared. Thank you for the help, support, and prayers. As part of her therapy and in an effort to keep all those interested in her progress updated, she will attempt to keep a blog of what is going on in our world. It should be interesting, especially if she starts to share a few opinions of events. She has been known to have a couple from time to time…

You can find her blog here, and in the links at the left. Thanks for visiting!


Michigan Summer

Well it has been different, that’s for sure. Instead of the typical summer festivals and up north staycations we have been doing doctors and hospitals. Life can turn in an instant. But you know, that’s not a bad thing. Life has its peaks and valleys. I sometimes ponder when things are going so well, and they keep going well, for a really long time. It makes me want to duck or hide because you just know some big crap is out there just waiting to catch up to your “All is good world”.  But I think if life was just plain good all the time it would get boring. Those peaks and valleys serve a very real purpose. The bad times help us to draw together, get close, re-evaluate. They force us to realize what is important and what is just fluff. And after, when the good times come again, and they will, the joy is so much more intense and appreciated. Hmmmm….sometimes I can just wax so eloquent.
I hope all of you are having an “All is good” summer!


A Favorite Quote

There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do.